FasTrak Fee Schedule

How your Monthly Minimum in Tolls (MMT) is calculated?

  • The MMT is the minimum usage required for a FasTrak account and is based on the number of transponders assigned to the account ($3.50 per account plus $1 per transponder).
  • Any payment of tolls from the FasTrak account for usage on the South Bay Expressway and I-15 counts towards meeting the minimum requirement.
  • If your tolls on South Bay Expressway and I-15 do not exceed the MMT, the difference will be deducted against your prepaid account the following month. For example, the May MMT would be deducted in June.
  • Only tolls incurred on South Bay Expressway and the I-15 Express Lanes through electronic toll payment using a valid transponder registered to the account contribute toward the MMT. Transactions on other FasTrak toll roads and bridges will not count. 

MMT and Fee Schedule:

Minimum Monthly in Tolls (One Transponder Included)

Minimum Monthly in Tolls for Each Additional Transponder $1.00 

Requested Printed Statement                                                              

(e.g., Monthly or Annual Statement Request)

Returned Item Fee/Insufficient Funds (Check/ACH)
Returned Item Fee (Credit Card)/Declined Credit Card $5.00
Account Suspension Fee $25.00
Collections Fee $50.00
Damaged/Lost or Stolen Transponder Replacement  $35.00/$50.00
Transaction Fee for License Plate Image-based Transactions  $2.00
Notice of Toll Evasion Conversion Fee  $10.00


Important additional fee-related information:


  • To avoid unnecessary fees, be sure to update your account, credit card and license plate information.
  • If you plan to use the I-15 Express Lanes as a valid carpooling vehicle, be sure to place your transponder in a mylar bag to avoid being charged.

If you are driving alone and use the I-15 Express Lanes while it is in “HOV Only” status, you will be charged the maximum toll in effect at the time and may be subject to additional penalties and fines as well as a citation by the California Highway Patrol.

Effective 10/21/2013


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