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Welcome to South Bay Expressway! We're a scenic, 10-mile express toll road that runs from SR 54 in Spring Valley to Otay Mesa Road/SR 905 near the Otay Mesa Border Crossing. The express toll road gives you convenient access to Downtown, Sorrento Valley, Santee, I-8, and I-15, as well as Otay Mesa, Mexico, and more. No more sitting in traffic! Whether you're commuting to work or school, driving to South Bay shopping and entertainment centers, or running errands around town, South Bay Expressway is your own personal traffic-free shortcut!

What is South Bay Expressway?

Tired of sitting in gridlock on South Bay roads and highways? South Bay Expressway provides a stress-free solution. The express toll road is a first-class, four-lane express toll road that uses cutting-edge technologies, including FasTrak®, an electronic toll collection system that allows customers to bypass toll booths at full highway speeds – no stopping necessary.

Where will South Bay Expressway take me?

The 10-mile express toll road extends from Otay Mesa Road/SR 905 in Otay Mesa near the international border north through eastern Chula Vista to SR 54 in Spring Valley. This connection gives drivers convenient access to work and school as well as retail shopping, the Sleep Train Amphitheater, Mexico, and more. Whether you're headed to shopping, work or home, you'll find that South Bay Expressway is convenient and congestion free.

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Where can I get on and off South Bay Expressway?

You may enter South Bay Expressway from the north at SR 54 and at Otay Mesa Road/SR 905 from the south. The Expressway also features several convenient on/off ramps located at San Miguel Ranch Road, East H Street, Otay Lakes Road/Telegraph Canyon Road, Olympic Parkway, and Birch Road. At each of these locations, you can use FasTrak to pay the toll electronically or stop and pay with cash or a credit card.

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What is FasTrak?

FasTrak is an electronic toll collection system. A small electronic device called a transponder is placed on the inside of your vehicle's windshield. The transponder works together with electronic readers installed along the South Bay Expressway. Learn more about where you can use FasTrak throughout California.

Do I have to sign up for FasTrak to drive on South Bay Expressway?

You do not need to have a FasTrak account to drive on the South Bay Expressway, however FasTrak customers pay up to $2 less per trip than drivers who pay with cash or credit cards. Learn more about FasTrak or open an account.



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